The Eye Book

The Eye Book, by Dr. Seuss, illustrated by Joe Mathieu, Random House, 1968

眼睛很重要,我們都有眼睛,眼睛有很多顏色,眼睛可以看高,也可以看低,......有關眼睛,Dr. Seuss都說得很有道理,當然也都押韻。

Two Little Eyes
Two little eyes that open and close. (指眼睛,眼睛張開,然後閉起。)
Two little ears and one little nose. (指耳朵,然後指鼻子。)
Two little cheeks and one little chin. (指兩頰,然後指下巴。)
Two little lips with the teeth closed in!(指兩片嘴唇,然後指牙齒,最後閉緊嘴巴。)