A is for Salad

A is for Salad, by Mike Lester, Grosset & Dunlap, 2000

A is for salad. 那B呢?
B is for viking.
啥? 那...... 那E呢?
E is for pajamas.
Oh, dear! 作者瘋了嗎? 那H呢?
H is for pizza...I think.
哈! 連你也不確定喔?! 那Q呢?

I can't figure out what Q is for. Can you?
什麼?! 作者可以這樣不負責任嗎?

Why is A for salad? 你看得出來嗎?

因為幽默需要小小地轉個彎,這本書適合聽故事已有兩三年,且對A is for apple有點概念的孩子,我不點破,讓孩子自己去發現A is for the Alligator eating the salad.

最好笑的是X和Y, 你自己看看就知道了...

X and Y are not important letters. Never use them.

延伸活動:我不把這本書當字母學習書,而是當作圖畫故事,一頁一頁地說完猜玩笑完,邀請孩子也來畫一本自己的 A is for Pizza 或 E is for Juice.